Delivering inspiration and actionable tools
that empower optimal performance,
health and quality of life

A noted keynote speaker, private and corporate consultant, Ryan’s client resume includes Olympic, professional and collegiate athletes, rocket scientists, Hollywood celebrities, special forces operators, neuroscientists, entrepreneurs, CEO’s and “weekend warriors”. Ryan speaks to equally diverse, yet performance-driven groups, from strength coaches at training certification programs to biohackers at international summits.

Ryan’s diverse background and knowledge base afford him the unique ability to speak with impact on a variety of topics.
Topics include:

  • Achieving Peak Performance (Mental and Physical)
  • Diet and Nutrition
  • Biohacking
  • Neuroscience and Cognition
  • Productivity and Elimination Procrastination
  • Strength and Fitness
  • “States of the Industry” panels
  • AMA’s (Ask Me Anythings) and more


Most coordinators find Ryan’s keynotes to be the highlight of their events. Ryan’s unique style always provides actionable information that gives the audience both hope and easy-to-implement strategies to begin seeing results immediately. Audiences wait in line to thank him, mob his wife when they can’t get to him directly and his presence at events always creates buzz on social media. It is not uncommon for these keynotes to result in on-the-spot requests by attendees for additional keynotes at their events.


Chris D.

“That was the best keynote at this conference. You provide hope and help on every slide and people were engaged throughout. More people need to speak like you do.”

Martin B.

“Ryan gives great and inspiring lectures. Can’t wait to hear more.”

B. Persons

“Thanks for a great lecture and sharing optimization!”

Josephine A.

“Really cool to listen to Ryan present. Amazing. Thank you!”


Due to high volume of rquests and busy schedule, not all requests will be honored. Please fill out this form and Ryan will get back to you with potentialkeynotes and workshop topics. If you have your own request for keynote topic, please include it here.