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Recent Posts and Podcast Episodes

Craving The Truth

Finally, nutrition advice that works. That was Chris Dufey's goal when he set out to write this masterpiece. On my final episode of the OPP, Chris breaks down the book for us along with his charitable component:
1 book feeds 1 kid for 1 month.

Movement, Sleep, Stress & Nutrition

These are the four pillars of health that Perfect Ketones founder and functional medicine practitioner Dr. Anthony Gustin wants us to focus on. Hear how this owner 7 businesses stays on track with his goals - in business and health.

The Greatest Gift

The Habit Nest co-founders join me on the OPP to discuss the power of habit change, why it's so easy on paper yet so difficult in reality - and the neuroscience of making successful behavior changes.
"Best Nutritionist Ever!" 
- Tony Jeffries
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Get THE PROVEN 6-STEP STRATEGY To Grow, Progress, And Succeed At Anything - Starting Today.