Fat loss doesn’t have to be complicated. There are several things we can all implement into our daily lives RIGHT AWAY to improve our performance and get better results. Here are 3 tips for faster fat loss from our first Periscope session.

With the recent success of our Optimal Performance Podcast, my articles on T-Nation and Men’s Fitness, and TV segments, I’m making an effort to put out more content to help you reach your goals. One such strategy is a daily Periscope session.

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I’m new to the whole Periscope thing too, so here’s my take on it. It’s basically a LIVE daily Q&A where I’ll say go, give some advice and anyone, anywhere in the world can tune in, get help and ask questions! Pretty damn cool I think! I’ll be capturing the videos and posting them here on the blog so you can see anything you might have missed.

What you’ll hear in TODAY’S VIDEO:

  1. Drink More Water – Even SLIGHT (as in 1-3%) dehydration can result in a MAJOR decrease in energy, performance, and metabolic rate. Plus, thirst is often confused for hunger…so make sure you get about 0.5oz water per pound of bodyweight daily if you want optimal results. (200 pound guy should get 100oz water.)
  2. Get More Sleep – VERY FEW of us consistently get the 8+ hours of sleep we need each night. For more on this “performance enhancer”, grab your FREE copy of my Top 4 Bio-Hacks by clicking on the image to the right. arrows_set11
  3. Manage Insulin – Insulin is the storage hormone. it can be your best friend or you worst enemy. It all depends on how well you understand it and manipulate with your food choices. For maximium fat loss, we want as little insulin present as possible. And that means limiting your carb intake. Check out the video to hear how.

(EDIT: The video quality isn’t great and it’s not edited…I’m new to Periscope and we’ll get better at this!)



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