When practicing their putting, pro golfers often putt to tees in the ground instead of an actual hole.

Snipers pick a button on a shirt.

The best hunters pick a hair, not an area.

All three are utilizing the same strategy:

Aim Small = Miss Small

If you’ve seen American Sniper, you may recognize this advice.

Turns out, this phrase is more than a catchy maxim.

Studies on shooters support it. I’ll explain on the newest BHP Short, but it supports the notion that narrowing our focus tightens our groupings, making our misses/bad shots/mistakes smaller in magnitude.

Since you’re reading this far, here’s the takeaway: the more we narrow our focus, the greater our odds of success and the smaller our deviations.

Pick a target and get specific. Very specific.

Then, put in the hours of deep, focused work to improve and work towards mastery – whether it’s sales, shooting, putting, cooking or any other skill.

Make training/preparation more difficult than the real thing.

Remember, we won’t rise to our exceptions – we fall to the level of our training.

Or as Steven Pressfield so poignantly puts it:

Amateurs do it until the get it right.
Pros do it until they can’t get it wrong.

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