Nothing worth doing come easily. Every successful endeavor has it’s own unique set obstacles and challenges to overcome before you reach your goal. Everyone faces these obstacles. Some rise above. Some don’t. But a champion never gets to the top until he rises above these barricades and brick walls.

I’m a Sirius/XM music subscriber. Have been for as long as I can remember. One of my favorite stations is Outlaw Country. There is a  great song by Kasey Chambers (her accent is AWESOME) called barricades and brick walls. It goes like this:

[quote style=”1″]Barricades and brickwalls
Won’t keep me from you
You can tie me down on a railroad track
You can let that freight train loose
Iron bars and big old cars
Won’t run me out of town[/quote]

I love the lyrics because I relate to the message: Nothing, absolutely will keep me from what my heart desires. Like a hero in an epic legend, I will walk through walls, take on storms, trains and whatever else you can throw at me. But it won’t even break my stride. So bring it on!

If you’ve got a hunger burning inside you, I’m sure these lines will resonate with you as well. Enjoy, and, like the song says, be relentless in your pursuit of progress!