This weekend I saw the documentary, Food Matters. As I watched I caught myself shouting “Amen” and “I told you so.” way too often. Anyway, I HIGHLY suggest you take your health and life into your own hands – watch this movie and ACT ON IT.

To give you an idea of the powerful information, I’m going to recap some highlights for you…

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The trailer says it all…Chronic illnesses like cancer, heart disease, diabetes, and more can all be prevented and even reversed with nutrient therapy.

Don’t worry, nutrient therapy, or orthomolecular medicine, simply means ingesting the right nutrients. Also known as food. You know, the stuff you eat…

[quote style=”1″]You are what you eat.[/quote]

Let’s break it down. If you have or get ___________ (fill in the blank with a chronic illness – let’s use Cancer), it’s because you ate it. Or more likely in this case, because you didn’t eat the nutrients your body needed to prevent the disease.

Don’t believe me?

Listen to this:

We’ve known since 1904 that Cancer is simply a healing process that hasn’t switched off. When the switch doesn’t turn off (due to a nutrient deficiency within the body), the cells proliferate (continue to grow) into a tumor.

Here’s the interesting part. The tumor itself is not the cancer. Don’t believe me again? Then tell me why a cancer patient can have every cancerous tumor removed only to have the cancer “come back” or spread elsewhere. Simple. Because the tumor wasn’t the cancer. It was just a RESULT or SYMPTOM of the cancer.

This is GOOD News!

This is actually great news. It means we know what cancer is, what cause it and how to prevent/reverse it.

The human body is actually VERY, VERY good at healing itself. But it MUST have the raw materials do so. Those raw materials are, you guessed it, nutrients that we do or do not ingest.

So the combination of eating shit & not eating superfoods has gotten us to our current situation.

The Gerson Therapy is a treatment that fuels this self-healing power by providing a raw, organic, vegetarian diet that flushes toxins out of the body and fills the cells with powerful nutrients with which the body can heal itself.

This treatment method actual boasts a 50% success rate with so called “terminal” cases. The success rate is even higher with less severe cases.

Some Stats:

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    • High doses of Vitamin C have been PROVEN to reverse & cure cancer, tumors, and other chronic illnesses. How high? Doses of up to 250,000mg per day have been used. These treatments are given directly into the bloodstream through an IV and provide the same cancer arresting benefits as chemotherapy, without the negative side-effects.
    • As you heard in the trailer above 106,000 Americans die EVERY YEAR from prescription drugs. These aren’t overdoses. These are people who took the drugs as directed by a medical professional. Since 1971, guess how many deaths have been attributed to overdoses of vitamins and minerals?? 10. Yup, just 10.
    • In 1971, there were 220,000 deaths/year attributed to cancer.
    • In 1996, there were over 500,000 deaths/year attributed to cancer. Obviously cancer is becoming more common – scary stuff. Even scarier, is this: We know what it is, we know there are alternative treatments THAT WORK. Yet that truth is being hidden…and people continue to suffer and die.
    • The US Library Of Medicine, self-proclaimed as the largest medical library in the world, has thousands of nutritional therapy studies conducted over the last 41 years that it won’t publish or index. Each of those studies proves the effectiveness of the alternative healing methods that utilize nutrient therapy.
    • WHY are those studies hidden? Why is this info not on TV, newspapers, or taught in schools??? The short answer = $$. Cancer is a $200 BILLION/year industry. American tax-payers contributed $39 BILLION form taxes. Large pharmaceutical companies, lobbyists, and other unethical “fat cats” would lose too much money if there were no disease.


What can YOU do?

Vitamin C is amazing. Take it. Lots of it. Better yet, eat organic fruits and veggies that contain it – citrus fruits are great, but an organic red bell pepper tops them all. (Red Bell Peppers are among the top 10 most sprayed foods – get yours organic!)

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Cashews – 2 handfuls of cashews have the same therapeutic effects on depression as Prozac. People are depressed because they’re malnourished.

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Cocoa is a amazing superfood. Not chocolate bars. REAL COCOA. As in cocoa nibs. Healthy fats, fiber, and one the top natural sources of almost 10 different minerals necessary for the reactions and processes that occur within our bodies.

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Eat RAW whenever possible. If even 51% of your diet is raw, your body will thank you. A good way to start – stop cooking your veggies. Almost every fruit and veggie can be consumed raw. Eat more (organic) veggies – can’t go wrong with that!

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Corn/wheat/soy are the staples of the Western Diet. They’re all shit. Stop eating them! Make every effort to switch from a corn/wheat/soy diet to a superfood diet that centers around fresh, local, organic fruits, vegetables and grass-fed or free-range meats.

Every food choice you make affects your health. Those same food choices are also votes. Each time you give in to temptation and eat a chemical laden processed food, you vote AGAINST this noble movement. That choice negatively impacts your health and makes it harder for others to gain access to the foods that can save our health.

So what can you do?

Take responsibility for your own health. Just eat real food. In the words of the late, great Jake Lalanne,

[quote style=”1″]If man made it, don’t eat it.[/quote]