SEALFIT is tomorrow!

My teammates have been preparing for this challenge for as many as 6 months. As a late addition, I’ve had only 4 weeks.

I’m ready. And I know they are too.

We’ll be pushed and tested beyond anything we’ve experienced before.

We’ve been told that no individual can conquer this challenge alone – TEAMWORK is crucial for success.

As I told you in a previous post, I’m fortunate to be a part of something special here. If I hand-picked a team, I’d be hard-pressed to come up with a more solid, cohesive unit. As a unit, I’m confident we will conquer.

I have only a vague idea of what lies ahead. Here’s what I know:

  • Nothing!
  • We start at 6AM. We’re done when they say we’re done.
  • I found this video on YouTube. This IS NOT what we’re doing. But I’m sure we can expect something like this.
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When you think about it, life is pretty much this way.

We THINK we know exactly what lies ahead – but in reality, all we have is a vague outline.

Things can & DO change rapidly. Constantly.

We need to be prepared (mentally and physically) to handle any challenge life throws at us.

Using training to prepare your mind and body for uncertain challenges and circumstances is a great way to prepare for life.

Each training session comes with with it’s own unique set of hurdles. Sometimes you’re tired, sore, didn’t sleep enough, or didn’t eat enough. Sometimes you’re short on time or distracted. Then there are time where everything – I mean EVERYTHING – falls into place and freaking destroy the weights. Those dream-like days where PR’s fall and feel like walking Greek Statue carved out of granite.

Guess what? Without the struggles, there would be no triumph.

Beyond the individual training sessions, we face the obstacles that come with being consistent. Schedules, injuries, friends & family commitments, school, work, and many others…

In order to weather the most severe storms, you must stay connected to your WHY. You must have something to anchor yourself against the raging seas and high winds. We’ve talked about your WHY before – hopefully you have established yours. Otherwise you a ship at sea with no anchor, no map, no compass, and no direction…Sure you’re engine is running and you’re moving – but WHERE & WHY??

There is always something to overcome. As the ultimate Warrior says, “Mr. Resistance is waiting for us every day.”

Let’s be relentless in our pursuit of progress. Let nothing stop us!