As you know, I work with athletes of all ages, genders, and physical abilities. Some of these athletes have similar goals, but others have very different goals. Despite their different goals, ALL successful athletes and people have one thing in common: an intense desire to succeed. These athletes know exactly what they want, but more importantly they know WHY they want it.

If you don’t know your WHY right now, we’re going to discover it today. Your life will change the moment you find your why. Keep reading to find out more…

You have to remember that EVERYTHING you do, every day gets you 1 step closer to, or 1 step farther away from your goal. My friend Adam Linkenauger likes the hot/cold analogy. You know, like the game you used to play as kid when you were searching for something and you parents would say, “you’re getting warmer” as you got closer to the goal.

Outside of fantasy land, here in the real world, continuing to move closer to your goal each day is a choice that you make every morning when you get out of bed. More importantly, when you DON”T consciously make that choice, you’re passively allowing your hopes and dreams to slip away and move farther away from you. Do NOT let that happen. Decide to be great every single day!

Be careful with your choices as they lead to actions. Actions become habits. Habits become character, and character becomes destiny.

Are you traveling forwards or backwards today?

Knowing your WHY helps you stay connected to your goal(s) and helps you power through those moments of weakness. When you’re about to make a choice that might lead you AWAY from your goal, your WHY is the thing that helps you derive the power and strength from deep down inside you to overcome any temporary lapses. I’m going to ask you below to discover and post your WHY. What will be your anchor is the heaviest and windiest of seas. How will you keep your bearings through the strongest of storms?

Here’s the exercise:

I know you want to bigger, stronger, leaner, and more explosive. But now I want to know WHY.

Why do you want to be stronger?

Why do you want to be shredded?

Why do want to dunk like Vince Carter?

Why do you want to play college ball?

What is so great about having or doing those thing? What will that bring you?

Post your WHY below in the comments section. The athlete who commits to this the most will win a FREE copy of the upcoming Freak Basketball Nutrition!