I was reading a “fitness magazine” last week. I use “fitness magazine” in quotes because these are really nothing more than advertisement for the company who published the thing. This particular one was published by a national supplement store.

One of the articles was a meal plan for gaining muscle while staying lean. It contained a pre-workout snack that made me sick to my stomach just reading it – I don’t even want to imagine eating that before training!

This was their suggestion: Cheese & Crackers

 Don’t eat this stuff before you train! Why not? Cheese and crackers may have protein, carbs and fats, but come on – the protein is nearly all slow digesting casein, the cheese is a dairy product that could cause stomach cramps, and the crackers are full of irritating gluten and highly refined carbohydrates.

Instead this is the formula you need to follow…

  1. Rapidly and EASILY digesting protein
  2. QUALITY carbs if training for increased muscle size or endurance sports
  3. Small amount of fat to slow digestion enough to prevent blood sugar from dropping

Here are a few examples:

  1. Organic Applesauce, cinnamon, whey protein, & a few walnuts
  2. My personal favorite – coffee, whey protein, coconut oil OR Grass-fed butter
  3. Chicken breast, rice, kale, olive oil – YEP, I’d rather you eat this quality whole food meal 60-90 before training than one of those terrible suggestions in that “supplement flyer”

If you want more, check out Workout Nutrition 101.

It has the EXACT recommendations I give for pre, during, and post training shakes & snacks. It even covers how to fuel for different training sessions – strength training, conditioning, cardio for fat loss, and sport specific skill practice.


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