I just got a SWEET new medicine ball for House Of Strength! I’m pumped and can’t wait to put it in action!

I thought, what better way to share that with you than hook you up with some Med-Ball info & share our favorite moves!

Why Medicine Balls?

  • My #1 Reason for using Med Balls is probably NOT what you’re thinking. I like them because they teach acceleration. With traditional barbells or dumbbells, no matter how much you try to accelerate the load, you eventually have to slow down at the end of the range of motion. Not the case with Med balls. You actually throw or let go of them, meaning you continue to accelerate all the way through the full range of motion. You simply can’t replicate this with the iron.
  • Throws and Slams.  Sports are played at full tilt. Even sports associated with “endurance” have moments of going all out. Racing your opponent to a loose ball, running down a pass, jumping, the examples are limitless. Athletes need to be able to find and hit that top gear on command. Throws and slams with med balls are a great way to train for this.
  • Portable. Need to train at home? How about at the field or court? Sometimes you just can’t get to the weight room. Sometimes you don’t have access for whatever the reason may be. That’s why kettlebells, suspension trainers, bodyweight moves and med balls are so great. You can easily toss a med ball in your car and use it for a full body training session.
  • Versatility. That full body session I just mentioned…name another SINGLE piece of equipment that you can use for slams, throws, squats, presses, core, etc. I don’t think you can!

Remember, Medicine Balls might be awesome, but don’t get confused – they’re still just another tool in our toolbox. You can’t build a house with nothing but a hammer. You need nails, screws, wood, a saw, and more. Much more!

Share your favorite Medicine Ball Move HERE! If we get 20 exercises listed, I’ll hook you up with an awesome Med Ball Bonus soon!