Naresh Kumar has logged more than 25,000 human powered miles (running or biking) over the last 4 years wearing his trademark sandals and powered mostly by human kindness and peanut butter.

His miles aren’t logged (hug) his own ego – instead he undertakes these arduous journeys to raise awareness for victims of human trafficking, slavery, and other stains on our society that we like to ignore.

In this episode, we talk about vulnerability, genuine human connection, doing what we can to help others – in big and small ways – and much more.

We’re honored to share Naresh’s story, help bring awareness to these causes and shine a light on an often ignored topic.


Better Human Project Show Notes Ep 38 – Powered by Human Kindness and Peanut Butter with Naresh Kumar

  • Growing up, there was no such thing as “adventure” – it was just “life” (3:00)
  • Why achieving the American Dream left him wanting something else. (6:33)
  • A challenge can’t be a real challenge unless there is a possibility of failure. (10:18)
  • How purpose defines who you are and who you are all about. (14:30)
  • A different kind of charity: opening people’s hearts to what they are capable of – not just their wallets. (17:30)
  • Selling a used, dirty, bloody and autographed map to make a difference(20:30)
  • The power of making ourselves vulnerable. (26:15)
  • Dream big. Meet amazing people. Keep life simple. (32:38)
  • How can we continue to raise awareness and drive change? (35:45)
  • Crashing into kangaroos and logging 25,000 human powered miles in 4 years. (37:48)
  • #1 Tip to #BeBetter as a human and #DoBetter for others: (43:28)
    • Make yourself vulnerable and don’t fear failure.
    • Create human connection and be mindful of your surroundings.

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