AM Weight is 194.4 (up 1.0 lbs from last week!)

Last week was pretty high volume, but nothing too intense or crazy. Just a great week of heavy weights and a lot of growth! I felt during the week like we were on cruise control, sort of backed off the edge of insanity with our intensity and exercise selection. Cris and I both agreed that it would likely lead to new growth and those suspicions were confirmed with the 1.0 pound this week even with ZERO dietary changes.

Here’s a quick recap:

  • Monday = Calves & Arms: Nothing too memorable here…pressdowns, dip machine, and honestly I can’t recall anything else without pulling out my log book. I can tell you that this was our 7th week of using the Grip4orce on ALL bicep movements and I’m really likeing the results!
  • Tuesday = Legs: We took a week off from squats,  but we stuck with the monster mini banded Leg Press and you saw in last week’s log. We really hit the hack squats hard this time with a drop set of 8/8/15 reps. This was brutal and really woke me up and made me focus. Next we did some smith machine lunges and we went a little heavier than usual, working up to 185 for 10 reps per leg on our 4th set. We finished with some barbell RDL’s.
  • Thursday = Chest/Shoulders: We started with dumbbells and then moved to barbell inclines before hitting the banded flat bench this week. This was our 4th week of the banded phase, so we moved from mini bands to monster minis and tried to keep our bar weights the same. We were both successful with that progression and were both happy with our progress as we head into the final 2 weeks of this banded phase!
  • Saturday = Back: Again, nothing special. Heavy DB Rows (4 x 10), heavy seated cable rows (4 x 8), db pullovers (4 x 12), barbell shrugs (4 x 20) and banded 90 degree hypers for 4 x 20.

I don’t have any cool photos or videos from last week’s training. I do however, have some 2 month “Before & After” photos of myself. The first pics were taken on 12/12/11 at a morning weight of 184.4. The most recent pics are 2 months after that and 10 pounds heavier. The pics are a bit grainy, but oh well:)

Let me know if you have any questions!