Tony Blauer has studied fear, violence, and defensive tactics for over 40 years. He’s the host of the KNOW Fear podcast and the creator of the SPEAR system, a self-defense platform that he has taught to militaries, law enforcement agencies and civilians across the planet for the last several decades.

Tony is a good friend and a repeat guest here on the Better Human Project. You can listen to his first episode here.

In today’s episode, recorded during the COVID-19 lockdown, we discuss the psychology of the Fear Loop and the Cycle of Behavior, providing powerful action items to help you understand and master your thoughts and actions.

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In This Episode:

  • Manage fear = manage the fight. When we’re stuck in fear loop, fear becomes like quicksand
  • The stigma around the word “fear” and why we get defensive about it
  • Fear spikes when a stimulus in introduced quickly & learning how to use fear as fuel
  • You’re in a movie. It’s YOUR movie. You’re the main character. Don’t forget this. You are the hero!
  • Coaches, leaders, teachers: MAKE IT SIMPLE – if people can’t understand (or remember) there will be no implementation.
    • How are you managing their fear if you don’t know what they’re afraid of?
    • A coach can’t make you better if they don’t know what you need
  • If you need to solve problems, you can’t be a problem.
  • Examining and understanding the Fear Loop and the Cycle of Behavior
    • Fear should be a CLUE and QUE that triggers critical thinking – not panic!
    • How to create an action plan to break the fear loop
  • The 3 I’s = Instincts, Intuition, and Intelligence
  • Remember, no one can sustain an adrenaline dump by themselves…
  • Mastering the 3 D’s = Detect, Defuse, Defend

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